TRACK is a unique art experience in the public and semi public space of the city of Ghent. It offers surprising, enriching and unexpected encounters with the city, its history and its inhabitants and incites to reflect upon urban realities and the contemporary human condition in a broader sense. 41 international artists were invited to conceive new art works that are strongly rooted in the urban fabric of Ghent but link the local context with issues of global significance.

The two curators Philippe Van Cauteren and Mirjam Varadinis took the time to select exemplary locations in the wider city centre of Ghent and invited artists who have an affinity with the thematical context of those places. The selected artists used the local reality as a fertile source of inspiration and the results of their in-depth explorations are not simply traditional works of art, but artistic projects in all different medias that embrace the social, economic, cultural and political conditions of the city and the times we live in. Their works call for participation, interact with the different communities in various ways and leave permanent traces.

TRACK is conceived as a universe of parallel narrations, occurences and (hi)stories. It consists of six clusters that offer a historical, cultural, architectural and mental cross-section of Ghent and the idea of a city today. Each cluster has its own distinct atmosphere and touches upon a specific issue like mobility, religion, migration, economy, language, science and city changes.

TRACK invites the audience to explore the exhibition in various ways. Visitors do not have to follow a given linear trail but are free to choose their own personal TRACK through the clusters and the city.  Each visitor thus creates a different kind of narration, based on his or her background and the way they are approaching the exhibition. This free and multi-layered perception corresponds to our globalised world and the idea of plural realities happening at the same time.

TRACK is welcoming everybody to visit the exhibition and to be inspired by the visionary potential of art.

TRACK was initiated by the S.M.A.K. It continues the tradition established by the large-scale exhibition projects Chambres d’Amis (1986) and Over the Edges (2000), which installed contemporary art in the context of the city and entered into direct dialogue with the public.


Curators Mirjam Varadinis and Philippe Van Cauteren about TRACK.

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Visual Arts Flanders 2012

VAF 2012 is proud to present Beaufort04 (Belgian coast, 31.03 ›› 30.09.2012), TRACK (Ghent, 12.05 ›› 16.09.2012), Middelheim Museum 2012 (Antwerp, from 26.05.2012), Manifesta 9 (Genk, 02.06 ›› 30.09.2012) and Newtopia: The State of Human Rights (Mechelen, 01.09 ›› 10.12.2012). The convenient geographic location and the shared focus on contemporary art of these five events have triggered the creation of an international communication platform that comprehends all of these appealing events into one coherent cluster. In 2012 Belgium’s neighbouring countries also offer major happenings in contemporary art such as dOCUMENTA (13) (Kassel, Germany), London 2012 Festival- Finale of the Cultural Olympiad (UK), lille3000: Fantastic 2012 (France) and MONO 2012 (Centre Pompidou-Metz, France together with Mudam, Luxembourg).

The five cities where the events take place are geographically positioned in the region of Flanders, no more than an hour away from Brussels and at almost equal travelling distance from the exhibitions in Belgium’s neighbouring countries. The project not only sets out to reach specific communication goals and visitor figures per target group but strives to create know-how and best practices for the individual organizations as well as the arts sector in Flanders and beyond.

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