Peter Buggenhout

Peter Buggenhout

°Dendermonde (BE), 1963 | lives in Ghent (BE)

Peter Buggenhout makes raw sculptures and installations from recycled material, intestines and dust. At first sight these murky works look unattractive, odd and even frightening. It is as if they wanted to completely take over the room and infect it. It is as if Buggenhout had turned his sculptures inside out and emphasised the physical decay, the imperfect perfection, erosion and transience. His aim is to mirror the world that surrounds us. Depending on its scale, his work may take the ‘form’ of a monstrous body or a shattered building in a run-down district.

Buggenhout has created a new installation in the former ‘Golden Gloves’ boxing club in a well-proportioned building from the fifties, now empty. Steel constructions occupy almost the entire room. But this original structure is completely lost from sight, being overgrown with coagulated and entangled building waste, packing material, pulverised textiles, bits of caravans and swimming pools, advertising hoardings and other untraceable substances. The elements stick to the walls, the ceiling and each other. The whole thing seems to draw the spectator towards it and swallow him up. Buggenhout’s work may deal with decay, decomposition and uncontrollable growth, but at the same time it expresses an incredible sense of beauty, an exceptional attention to structure, materials, colour and a poetic fragility.

Voormalige bokszaal The Golden Gloves, via Opgeëistenlaan 455


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