Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini

°Cecina (IT), 1962 | lives in Cecina (IT)

Massimo Bartolini’s work is extremely varied and includes such widely differing media as sculpture, performance and photography. He introduces the notion of loss of control into his installations in a playful form, for example by raising a floor or twisting the space. His sensual work activates a shift of perspective and raises doubts about everything that seems fixed and unchanging. He creates spaces that have tactile power by the specific use of light and often of sound too. Into the objective reality he poetically introduces a doorway to an ideal world where there is room for imagination, dreams, memories, passions and nostalgia.

For TRACK, Bartolini is building an open-air library in the vineyard at St Peter’s Abbey, an oasis of greenery and tranquillity in the centre of Ghent. This vineyard originated in the Middle Ages and Ghent’s Guild of Wine-Measurers breathed new life into it in the 1970s. Visitors can borrow, buy or exchange secondhand books here in the symbolic shadow of the Book Tower. Bartolini installs the bookcases in line with the vines, leaning against and parallel to the slope of the garden. According to Bartolini, books too can broaden the mind, just like good wine.

St Peter’s Abbey vineyard, Sint-Pietersplein 14

St Peter’s Abbey vineyard, Sint-Pietersplein 14
Every year the 11.11.11. ngo organises a sale of books that the public library has cleared from its stocks. For Massimo Bartolini’s artistic project, TRACK is also able to make use of the book reserves of the public libraries of Ghent and Antwerp. To give additional support to the 11.11.11. sale, TRACK will be installing a special collection box in the abbey vineyard. Anyone who wishes to buy a book can put a payment of their choice in the box.


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