Ambrosia's neighbourhood TV 24 Jun

Ambrosia's neighbourhood TV

Ambrosia’s Tafel is turning the camera on the space between reality and imagination. Their Neighbourhood TV team goes out to gather reactions to TRACK from a mixture of local residents, visitors, artists, participants and chance passers-by. Short films of stories big or small, about neighbourhoods, art, history and life together make up a first step towards respectful dialogue between various cultures and social groups.
In association with Ambrosia’s tafel npo (Ghent), a socio-artistic organisation that researches and promotes multimedia literacy and media savvy in a multicultural setting,

Practical information

At various times and places in the TRACK clusters.
Ambrosia’s Tafel: ‘Neighbourhood TV on the trail of TRACK’ as from 12/5:
- Vivavanilla Meeting Point – Golden Gloves boxing club
- House of Alijn Meeting Point
- Vogelenzang clubhouse, Vogelenzangpark 9
(open 2 > 7 pm, Tue > Thur)
- Herberg Macharius, Gatehouse, Voorhoutkaai 43+
- Entryhall S.M.A.K.

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